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Show Tech Paw Care 60ml

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Pawfect protection 

As is the case with humans and their hands and feet, proper care of the dog’s paws is often forgotten. However, it is important to care for and protect them as well.  

Winter comes with snow and ice, which can be very cold but also sharp and painful for the sensitive paws and pads of your dog. Road salt can cause irritation and hurt your dog’s pads as well. During summer the streets can be hot for your pet to walk on and in some cases tarmac streets are very rough too. We have our shoes as protection, but what about our beloved dogs?  

The Show Tech Paw Care is a protective and restoring cream that keeps your pet's paws, toes and pads moisturised and healthy all year round. This wonderful pad soothing cream provides all the essential nutrients needed to keep the pads healthy, strong and hydrated.  

It helps to prevents cracks and dryness and is ideal for when you want to take your dog for a walk on rough, dirty and wet terrain such as in a forest or field and on hot or ice-cold streets. Your pooch will be able to walk, run, hunt and play safely in any weather conditions! Also perfect for dogs that have the habit of constantly licking their paws.  

Does your four-legged friend have dry and rough paws? Not anymore! This soothing, moisturising and protective Paw Care will give your dog healthy paws and pads. 

It’s all in the details 

  • Helps keep the pads moisturised, smooth and protected  
  • Relieves and repairs dry, cracked pads  
  • Contains highly effective and hydrating ingredients such as natural beeswax and thyme oil, famous for its pleasant, mildly aromatic fragrance