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Show Tech Topknot Cushion

Vanligur prísur {{ price }} 199,00 DKK
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Størrelse S - til mindre hunderacer
Længde: 15,5 cm
Bredde: 10 cm
Højde (laveste punkt): 7 cm
Højde (højeste punkt): 10 cm

Størrelse M - til mellemstore hunderacer
Længde: 20 cm
Bredde: 15 cm
Højde (laveste punkt): 11 cm
Højde (højeste punkt): 15,5 cm

Størrelse L - til store hunderacer
Længde: 25 cm
Bredde: 20 cm
Højde (laveste punkt): 19 cm
Højde (højeste punkt): 25 cm

When grooming a long-haired dog, every hair counts! The Show Tech Topknot Cushion helps you to comfortably achieve a perfect topknot with an excellent finish.

For a tip-top result

This cushion with a unique shape supports the dog's head. While you are creating the topknot, the dog can comfortably rest its chin on the cushion with his or her head in the same position. A relaxed dog makes the grooming experience a lot more enjoyable for both of you. He or she will be in a relaxed position, and you can work comfortably on the dog.

The Show Tech topknot cushion can also be used when wrapping the entire coat.

Do you want to support smaller dogs under their belly while grooming? Then you can also use the larger size to prevent them from sitting down.

It’s all in the details

  • Cushion designed to support the head of long-haired (show) dogs when making topknots
  • For a comfortable grooming experience for both animal and groomer
  • Features a washable cover with a convenient zip
  • Material:
    Cover: 100% polyester
    Filling: PU foam rubber
  • Washing instructions: Remove the filling before washing. Wash the cover separately in the washing machine on a mild programme at low temperature (cold water). Tumble dry on a mild programme at a low temperature. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

* All measurements are approximate.